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Coffee Bean Selections in Singapore

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, Singapore is the perfect place to find it. If you’re a coffee lover, here’s a rundown of some of the best coffee bean selections in Singapore. From Ethiopian Kochere to Caramel Pop, you’ll find a variety of choices for your morning cup of joe. Here is a list of the best coffee beans you can buy in Singapore.

Konga Amederaro coffee beans

When purchasing Konga Amederaro coffee beans, look for a company that supports its coffee farmers in Ethiopia. The company is a stakeholder in the washing station used by the suppliers and works directly with the farmers. The farmers typically earn a low income from coffee cultivation. Most are not certified organic and have little to no money to invest in pesticides and fertilizers. This means that farmers need the help of a company to ensure that their plants receive adequate water and nutrients to maximize their harvest. The coffee beans from this village are grown in a region called Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. The coffee is grown in two different villages: Konga and Amederaro. Both are located in the Gedeo region. If you are looking for the best coffee beans in the Singapore area, you should buy coffee beans in Singapore.

Caramel Pop coffee beans

To celebrate the New Year, Coffee Bean Singapore is kicking off the year with a sweet offer. From 12 pm to 2 pm, you can enjoy a Salted Popcorn coffee for just $2.20 – a substantial discount from the normal price of $7.50. The offer also applies to Ice Blended drinks. You’ll get real caramel popcorn toppings on your drink, making them a perfect treat for the holidays.

You can buy these coffee beans at several outlets in Singapore. The Dutch Colony coffee roastery has several outlets in Singapore. Their open concept and selection of roasted coffee beans make it easy for customers to enjoy a fresh brew. These stores also sell brewing equipment and accessories. Its mission is to promote the bean-to-cup experience. The company even promotes engaging with local coffee farmers through coffee workshops.


Caramel Pop coffee beans are not the only variety available in Singapore. The specialty coffee scene is a vibrant one in the city. You can even get a latte with sea salt caramel. And don’t forget to grab a cup of kopi – the local coffee drink.

Ethiopian Kochere coffee beans

Ethiopian Kochere coffee beans are known for their floral and fruity flavor. They are typically medium roasts, with less acidity than other African offerings. They are produced in the small southern Ethiopian woreda of Kochere. The region’s rich acidic soil is packed with minerals, creating the perfect microclimate for coffee production.

Ethiopian coffee beans can be used for espresso or pour-over coffee. The espresso method will yield a darker brew with brighter flavors, while the pour-over method will give you a richer cup with a more fruity aroma. Most farmers grow a mixture of indigenous landrace and improved varieties.

Ethiopian coffee is one of the world’s top exports. In 2019, the country produced 441,000 metric tons of coffee.