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Domestic Gas Hot Water Systems Australia

Gas hot water systems are more efficient, powerful, and economical when compared to electric hot water systems.

A hot water system is one of the most important appliances in your home because it’s used often and provides comfort. A hot water system in Australia is provided via electric, gas, solar, or heat pumps.

Gas-powered hot water systems have a number of advantages over electric, including cleaner, more efficient energy and cost savings, as well as reduced carbon emissions.

Direct Energy Group (DEG) is Australia’s leading independent energy retailer, having 500,000 gas and 200,000 electricity customers. They also represent 17% of Australian retail electricity and 14% of gas sales. The DEG’s brands include Direct Energy, AGL, SA Power Networks, Voltus, and Flex Group. You can save money by switching to a more energy-efficient hot water system. According to Energy Australia, gas hot water systems use around 25% less energy than electric hot water systems.

The Eco Smart range of Australian gas hot water systems with condensing technology can save up to 80% on gas consumption compared to electric storage hot water systems. Furthermore, Eco Smart systems significantly cut down carbon dioxide emissions. Eco Smart gas hot water systems are available for next-day delivery in selected areas.

Australia’s energy market is currently facing a shortage in natural gas. To solve this problem, Australia is constructing many new gas pipelines. However, these new gas pipelines may add to Australia’s CO2 emissions.

Australia has some of the most severe winters in the world. This means heating your home is essential. This is why the hot water systems used in homes in Australia are usually gas. A domestic gas hot water systems heats up the water, so you can bathe or shower quickly. This means that after winter is over, you can have clean, warm water ready for summertime.