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Long Service Leave in South Australia

The South Australian Government’s policy which grants long service leave to workers who have been with the same employer for ten years or more, has been widely praised. The scheme was introduced on April 1, 2019, by the South Australian Government and came into force on April 1, 2020.

Further changes, including the introduction of a more flexible approach to long service leave, will see long service leave becoming eight-monthly from 2026. This is good news for employees, as they will be able to take leave at key moments in their lives, such as the birth of a child or the birth of a new grandchild.

South Australia has one of the highest proportions of long service leave entitlements in Australia, with 120 days for each year served for all employees. At the same time, this rate has meant that most employees can apply for long service leave after only 10 years of service. Employers in South Australia receive a rebate of 75% of the total long service leave entitlement paid up to a maximum of $1500 per annum.

The Government’s scheme increases real wages for low-paid workers, with 45% of workers receiving an average 19% higher real wage. Employers pay 1.6% more in wages, which is passed on to customers, increasing purchasing power. Social policy is a balancing act between maximizing individual liberty and maximizing the good of society as a whole. Increasing real wages while lowering unemployment helps increase real incomes and living standards.

The benefit of Long Service Leave to the Australian

The Long Service Leave Act ensures that Australian workers receive reasonable pay and benefits when they leave the workplace. It protects workers from losing their job because they have to take a reasonable break from their job.

In addition, long service leave in South Australia

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Where to buy custom uniforms in Australia

Written by: samreenfarahnaaz


If you are looking for custom uniforms then it is very important to consider comfort and quality. Even if you have to pay a little more, you should never compromise on comfort and quality. It is very important to choose materials that are durable, long-lasting and designed to stand up to wear and tear. If you are wondering where to buy custom uniforms in Australia then you need to know that the best and most convenient place to buy them is online. There are many uniform specialists available online that have been selling custom uniforms to retail, corporate, automotive, hospitality, health care, aged care, education and fitness sectors. So, whichever type of custom uniforms you need, you can order them online.


There are many reputed online stores that have been selling high-quality custom uniforms at reasonable rates. You can order any kind of custom uniform from online stores in the comfort of your home. You just need to let them know about your requirements and they would make sure that your order is created as per your needs and specifications. Moreover, they would also ensure that your order is delivered as soon as possible. So, whatever quantity of custom uniforms you need, feel free to order from the online store.


Before buying custom uniforms online, make sure that you research thoroughly about the online stores. Though you would find several online stores selling custom uniforms at reasonable rates but all of them won’t be providing you good quality custom uniforms. The reputed online stores would have many good reviews online. So, make sure that you look for reviews before choosing any online store. The reputed online stores have a great customer support team who would guide you in the best way if you need

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Domestic Gas Hot Water Systems Australia

Gas hot water systems are more efficient, powerful, and economical when compared to electric hot water systems.

A hot water system is one of the most important appliances in your home because it’s used often and provides comfort. A hot water system in Australia is provided via electric, gas, solar, or heat pumps.

Gas-powered hot water systems have a number of advantages over electric, including cleaner, more efficient energy and cost savings, as well as reduced carbon emissions.

Direct Energy Group (DEG) is Australia’s leading independent energy retailer, having 500,000 gas and 200,000 electricity customers. They also represent 17% of Australian retail electricity and 14% of gas sales. The DEG’s brands include Direct Energy, AGL, SA Power Networks, Voltus, and Flex Group. You can save money by switching to a more energy-efficient hot water system. According to Energy Australia, gas hot water systems use around 25% less energy than electric hot water systems.

The Eco Smart range of Australian gas hot water systems with condensing technology can save up to 80% on gas consumption compared to electric storage hot water systems. Furthermore, Eco Smart systems significantly cut down carbon dioxide emissions. Eco Smart gas hot water systems are available for next-day delivery in selected areas.

Australia’s energy market is currently facing a shortage in natural gas. To solve this problem, Australia is constructing many new gas pipelines. However, these new gas pipelines may add to Australia’s CO2 emissions.

Australia has some of the most severe winters in the world. This means heating your home is essential. This is why the hot water systems used in homes in Australia are usually gas. A domestic gas hot water systems heats up the water, so you can bathe or shower quickly. This means that after winter is over, you can have clean, warm

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Concrete Canvas in Australia

Concrete canvas, also known as a stippled concrete canvas, is a ribbed concrete surface designed to create the feel of sand, sand and water. Architects and interior designers are able to explore their creativity through the concrete canvas in Australia. The bold design, which is created using concrete, creates interest, texture and a canvas for art. These stippled concrete surfaces were originally used in aquatic facilities but are now used in a number of other residential and industrial environments as well.


Australian artist Bec Judd has created several stunning concrete canvases. These pieces, which create the effect of abstract images with concrete, are made using cement, sand, water, and pigment. After pouring the cement mixture onto the canvas and letting it dry, Judd will then re-pour the mixture to create various patterns and shapes on the canvas. The finished pieces look both striking and abstract, and they truly look like something only an artist could create.

Concrete Canvas provides outdoor art for people of all skill levels. Whether you are an artist looking to hone your skills, a beginner looking to learn a new skill or an adult looking to have some fun, Concrete Canvas can provide you with everything you need to create your own masterpiece.

Colourful concrete canvases have exploded onto the art market in the past few years, and the trend is only expected to expand further. Concrete canvases are concrete or cement slabs that are covered with paint and then allow you to add your personal touch by filling them with images, words, and more. The concrete canvas craze began in Australia, where the trend was driven by social media influencers, like The Concrete Canvas Guy, who began posting his stunning designs on Instagram.

Concrete canvas, from Australia, are decorative panels made of concrete

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Top 6 Benefits Of Choosing A Coworking Office Space

From meeting other industry experts to partnering on separate initiatives, coworking spaces are a common venue where persons with different ideas join together and gain from one another. Choosing a coworking space entails exploring a new opportunity and becoming a member of a professional community. Whereas there are numerous advantages, the following six are critical for every small enterprise owner contemplating a transition.


  1. More Networking Opportunities

 One of the most important advantages of a coworking space is the possibility of meeting new people. If you work from home or in a remote office, you may be starving yourself of vital contacts that can help you grow your business. Sometimes, the flare that closeness to other successful entrepreneurs provide is all a business needs.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

 The benefit of enhanced productivity is particularly true for entrepreneurs who operate from home. It is easy to become preoccupied when you are at home. Children require attention, the house must be maintained or cleaned, and special projects may arise at any time. By moving to a different location, you could establish a ‘work mode’ that will assist you to be more productive. Besides, numerous coworking spaces are open round the clock; hence, you never have to worry about getting work done.

  1. Increased Inventiveness

 By allowing you to collaborate with others and expose yourself to different viewpoints, coworking spaces could give bursts of inspiration. Sometimes, changing workspaces and going to a new office could help you renew your thoughts and think of new solutions to company difficulties.

  1. Collaboration Opportunities

 Similar to networking, a coworking space could also offer collaboration opportunities. Working in a coworking environment at exposes you to opportunity and chance. Who knows where a casual discussion could lead? Working near others provides for rapid collaboration. Long before realising it, you might

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What is a solar pool cover?

Written by: GulbinStac

What is a solar pool cover?

A solar pool cover is a blanket-like covering that sits on top of your in-ground swimming pool. This type of blanket helps insulate the water by trapping heat, so you save money on heating and enjoy warmer water for more extended periods. Solar covers will also prevent dirt or debris from getting into your pool, which means less work! If you’re not interested in using one for yourself, the benefits extend to the environment and your neighbors. Establishing boundaries around pools helps keep unruly children from destroying yards with sprinklers and other hazardous equipment, which can protect our ecosystem.


Why use solar pool cover?

Because it costs less to heat your pool, look for solar pool cover you can save up to 30% on gas and electricity costs. If you own a house but don’t have a pool, more money! You’ll also enjoy warmer swimming water for longer periods.

In addition, above-ground pools can be placed in your yard to be visible to the rest of your neighborhood. This means that you can establish boundaries with your neighbors, which will keep unruly children (and adults!) From destroying yards with sprinklers and other hazardous equipment.


How solar pool cover work?

A solar pool cover is made of thin plastic, which allows it to trap warmth while blocking the sun’s rays from disturbing your pool’s temperature. Solar pool covers work even when it’s cloudy outside and can usually be purchased for affordable. Solar blankets are beneficial because they’re:


Easy to install. A solar blanket is lightweight and fits snugly around your pool without stakes or anchors. Getting started doesn’t require much time or effort, so you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately!

Safe for children and pets. There are no

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Gas Plumbing: The Basics You Should Know Before Hiring One

Written by: Casucian61


If you own your own business, you need to make sure everything is running smoothly. This means hiring the right employees and managing your staff. If you have employees, you need to make sure they’re all up to date on their job responsibilities and have the necessary licenses and training. If you’re the owner, you need to know everything there is to know about the employees you hire, the equipment they use, and the procedures they follow. You need to know how much time they spend on the job, where they drink coffee, and who they talk to outside of work. If you’re the owner of a plumbing company, you need to know about oil piping, gas plumbing, and everything else that’s involved in running your business.

What is gas plumbing?

Gas plumbing typically refers to the pipes or fixtures that are used for natural gas or propane. It can also refer to any type of piping that uses a combustible fuel, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and other related gases.


What is gas piping?

Gas piping is one of the most commonly used methods to provide fuel for a fire. It’s mainly used in homes and businesses, but it can also be used in cars, trucks, and buses. Gas pipes are made from durable materials like steel or cast iron, and they use fittings, valves, and other things to ensure that gas reaches its destination safely.

There are different types of gas piping that you should know about before hiring a gas plumber. For example, there’s a type of gas piping called “hubbed pipe.” With this type of piping, the pipes are attached together with threaded side-gates for each individual fixture. This allows for easier installation and replacement of fixtures. There is

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What are cosmetic injectables

Written by: iannapatt


When it comes to looking younger, there’s no shortage of options. From traditional methods such as Botox and fillers to more experimental procedures, there’s a lot of talk about being able to slow down the effects of time. While some of these procedures are well documented, others remain largely a mystery. One of the most popular of these secret methods is cosmetic injectables. What are they, and how can they help you look younger? If you’re looking for a more definitive answer, keep reading to discover everything you ever wanted to know about cosmetic injectables.

Cosmetic injectables are medications designed to improve the appearance of aging skin by reducing the visible effects of aging or adding structural or colorized layers. These medications are often injected into the skin to give the appearance of more youthful tissue. However, these medications don’t grow new tissue. Instead, they prevent the skin’s surface from showing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.


Where can cosmetic injectables be done?


Anywhere that you can get a needle is a fair game. That means you can get injectables done at a dermatologist’s office or, less commonly, at a spa or medical injector. However, many people choose to have injectables done at an aesthetic medical center, which can be a perfect option for people who want a more custom and personalized look.


How do cosmetic injectables work?


There are many different types of injectables, and each has an other mechanism of action—most work by preventing water from escaping the skin. As a result, the appearance of skin appears younger by reducing wrinkles and skin laxity. One of the oldest and most popular cosmetic injectables is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is naturally produced in the body, but our bodies have

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A Tactical Edge Hobbies Review: What You Need to Know

Written by: Casucian61


Tactical edge is a great company with a lot of really cool products. The problem is that their stuff is so damn expensive. So, is Tactical Edge worth it? Well, the short answer is �yes’, but it depends on what you’re looking for. If you have the money to spend, then by all means, go ahead and buy their stuff. You won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re on a budget, then you’ll probably want to look somewhere else.

That being said, Tactical Edge does produce some pretty interesting stuff, so let’s take a look at their products and see if we can’t help you make up your mind.

What is Tactical Edge?

Tactical Edge is a company that specializes in the production of tactical products. They offer everything from knives to hand tools. Tactical Edge Hobbies is known for its high quality and durability.


Tactical Edge Knives

Tactical Edge has a wide variety of knives on offer. Their offerings range from simple folding blades to double-edged swords. The company also produces combat tactical knives and hunting knives.


Tactical Edge Handcuffs

The first product we’ll look at is the tactical edge handcuffs. These handcuffs are a little bit more expensive than some of the other handcuffs on the market, but they’re also a lot better quality. These particular cuffs are actually made from steel, which means they will last longer and be significantly stronger. The steel is also nickel-plated, which gives it a unique and stylish look.

The one problem with these handcuffs is that they’re not double locking. The only way to open them is by using the key that comes with each pair of cuffs. So, you won’t be able to unlock them easily or quickly in an emergency situation. However, if you

Lightning Electrical
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Lightning Electrical Group Data Point Installation


Lightning Electrical Group, a Miami-based electrical contractor, recently installed a data network point at Pace University, a co-educational private university in New York City. The installation comprised of 1 GbE copper cabling and a 1 GbE fibre cabling, as well as Cisco Meraki APs. The installation included approximately 40 Cisco Meraki AP220s, 24 Cisco Meraki EX4200 switches, and 1 GbE copper and fibre cabling. The installation was performed during a summer break, and Lightning Electrical Group utilised virtual fibre cabling paired with “off-site” splicing, which resulted in a cost savings of 20%.

Do you need an electrician? Do you need someone to help you fix a blown a fuse? Or maybe you need someone to come to inspect your electrical system and find the source of the problem. Lightning Electrical Group is the number one provider of exceptional electrical service, and we’re on call every day of the year to help you with whatever you need. Lightning Electrical Group is an electrical contracting business that serves homes and businesses across the Greater Toronto Area. Our electrical staff are trained in all aspects of electrical contracting, and we can help you with all of your electrical needs.

Lightning Electrical

Lightning Electrical Group’s “data points” are the new, exciting way to communicate with the Lightning Electrical Group’s monitoring servers from anywhere in the world. With a Lightning Electrical Group “data point,” you can monitor and control your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC equipment and/or your entire home or business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Lightning Electrical Group is an electrical accessories company that specialises in the data installation process. The importance of data installation requires attention and careful handling. Lightning Electrical Group data point installation has a team of professionals that handle the data installation with great care so that