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Who is Better? DIY Blinds or Wynstan Blinds?

When shopping for the best blinds in Australia, you likely will have to choose between two brands—Wynstan and DIY. These brands provide some of the most beautiful custom-made window blinds.


So, who is better DIY blinds or Wynstan blinds?


This can be a pretty cumbersome choice. But this dilemma shouldn’t worry you because we’ll help you make an informed decision.

Let’s begin by looking at some similarities and differences between these models.


What Types of Blinds Does Each Brand Offer?


Both brands offer you a wide variety.


Roman Blinds, Timber Venetian, and Aluminium Venetian are examples of Wynstan’s classical blinds. Panel blinds, vision blinds, and Veri shades will give your room a more modern look.


If you decide to shop at DIY Blinds, you’ll come across classic and contemporary blinds. The Roman and Venetian Brands are for those who value the classic look. The Bi-Fold doors, Pelmets, and Curved Curtains are for those who prefer a modern touch.


From these examples, you probably have noted some similarities in blinds types. However, each brand also has numerous unique designs. You may have to go through their entire collection to find your ideal blinds.

Similarities and Differences in Ordering and Installing Procedures

Shopping at both outlets involves four steps.


Step 1: Choose Your Desired Sample

The first step consists of choosing the sample you desire from their online collections. Both brands will then send you the piece you have selected so you can feel the fabric.

You will notice some differences in fabric types.

At DIY Blinds, you can choose fabrics such as Sanctuary, Matrix, and Linesque BO. At Wynstan you can choose fabrics such as Baltic plus linen, Mantra Sesame, or Plaza Plus Royal.


Fabrics at DIY Blinds may seem less expensive since you can get them from as low as AUD93. Fabrics at Wynstan typically range from AUD126.


Step 2: Get Window Dimensions

Next, you’ll have to measure your windows so they can give you an accurate quotation. The maximum or minimum width and length of each blind varies according to your fabric. Nevertheless, both firms will provide you with instructions on how to measure your blinds.


Step 3: Customize Your Order

The third step involves customising your order. You get to select the fitting type, roll direction, chain colour, and other customized settings.


Step 4: Install Your Blinds

Both firms want to give you the feeling of doing something on your own. Hence the fourth and final step involves installing your blinds. You could always refer to their online guide while installing.


Ordering from DIY Blinds and Wynstan essentially depends on personal preference. Both brands offer you a wide choice of wynstan blinds review and fabrics and the DIY option.


The only difference lies in their unique designs and fabrics.